Keow Ngang Tang: Leadership and change management

Author: Keow Ngang Tang
Date of publication: 2019

This book offers an insightful guide for academics, managers and practitioners, as well as undergraduate and graduate students of business studies. It focuses on how the theoretical foundations of leadership and change management can be used to effectively lead business organizations. Generally speaking, business leaders are beginning to recognize the important of change and transformation, not only as a means of retaining control, but also of demonstrating their own leadership initiative. Though new approaches, designed to make this task easier, are constantly emerging, in practice managerial change remains a challenge.

The book chiefly focuses on the open-social-systems model to provide a conceptual framework that structures and relates leadership theories and research to help business leaders manage change. A wealth of case studies and discussion activities that support the main concepts and theories are also included. The book's primary goal is to help readers successfully plan and manage change and transformation. Tertiary education students who are taking business studies courses can also use it as a sourcebook for the principles of successful change management.

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